Our Space

Our current space is 57North Hacklab's third location, and the largest so far. We have around 300 m2 which is separated into several zones for different activities. The interior is a fairly normal modern open-plan office set-up with durable carpet and a suspended ceiling.

There is plenty of space to host sit-down meetings of perhaps up to 20 people, and the space probably has a comfortable capacity of around 30 or 40 people.

Worth noting, the layout map below is probably out of date already.

The outside of the space

The layout


A layout diagram of our space



Work / social spaces

We've a couple of large tables, in two separate spaces, that are used for light hacking, meetings and socialising.


We've a great selection of hand tools and power tools.


There ar lots of varying sized drawers for electrical components and other consumables here.


All the nuts, bolts, screws, fasteners and fixings you'll ever need, with a bit of luck.

Cutting & finishing

This section of the space is for more dirty making work, with Dremels, a pillar drill and bandsaw here.

Material store

There is a variety of materials here for members to use, wood, plastic, metal, in various forms.

Laser cutter

Our kindly donated laser cutter lives in the corner.

Soldering & electronics stations

There are two well equipped desks set up with various tools, including soldering irons, oscilloscope, re-work station, crimpers and power supplies.

Video desk

This is set-up to film technical and instructional videos.

Radio desk

A few of our members are keen armature radio people, so we have an excellent radio set-up.

Drinks & snacks

We've a food telly (aka microwave), kettle, fridge and snack bar thing set-up here.


If it's too old to use, but too cool to throw away or recycle, it belongs in the museum.

Large printer

We've a large format printer and scanner.

3d printer

The 3d printer lives here, with all the printer material in the cupboard beside it.

Vinyl cutter

The vinyl cutter is useful for signs and stencils.

Music & lights

We've a pair of CDJs and a mixer, with a lighting rig.


Not very exciting, but we have a small sink kitchenette in an alcove.

Sofas & chill space

Plenty of comfy chairs and sofas, where folk can chill and chat. Also with a TV and a couple of old consoles.

Back door

Takes you down stairs to the large car park at the back of the building.



See also the Wiki for more details and / or up-to-date information and Howto: Hackerspace